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step forward

the day`s drear grey, hope
hides, standing behind – we wait
excusing                 ourselves


the dove

it’s been a while…..

the dove

She reached up
heart fluttering

And tried quietly to touch
the living white
the gentle
feathers of life

But just as her fingers
stretched slowly closer

It flew
flew away
…..then she cried….

Slow blogging!

Hi there! I haven’t been blogging much – spending a lot of time on my twitter page. I finished a few short stories/flash fiction and have been posting them to HubPages;  – if you would like to read my newest story, check it out at: Out of Sync

Also if you haven’t heard of HubPages  link is here! You can make a little bit of money there, but of course you need lots of readers and followers. But it might be a great way to make a few extra pennies. You won’t get rich though!


BBC Believes You Only Read 6 of These Books… – How many have you read?.


Oh how we wish, wish

for this, for that      anything else!

Bullets                     far from here…..


we aspire so high
slighting the simplicities


the grass so green                  here……



I came across a
moment – a sign?       Of wonder….

the sound haunting                        life…….

what a lovely day…..

I would soar           my wings

spanning the blue sky, and dream


…. dream under a tree….

the luminous expanse

one larger, bright star
flickers stronger, pinpoint lights


he looks up ……..observes

they say angels watch
us……..but – from how far away?


a private walkway….


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